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3:10 to Yuma (2007) Watch Movie Online Overview:

Dan Evans (Bale) is an impoverished rancher and Civil War veteran. He owes money to Glen Hollander (Loftin) and when he fails to pay, two of Hollander’s men set his barn on fire. The next morning, as Evans and his two sons drive their herd, they stumble upon outlaw Ben Wade (Crowe) and his gang who are using Evans’ cattle to block the road and ambush an armored stagecoach staffed by Pinkerton agents. As Wade loots the stage, Wade discovers Evans and his two sons watching from the hills. Acknowledging that they pose no threat to him and his gang, Wade takes their horses telling Evans that he will leave them tied up on the road to Bisbee.

Wade travels with his gang to the town of Bisbee to enjoy a celebratory drink at the local saloon and divide up the loot. Evans eventually arrives with lawmen from Bisbee and tries in vain to negotiate with Hollander. Enraged at the loss of his livelihood and land, Evans tries confronting Hollander in the nearby saloon. Evans instead encounters Wade, whom he distracts long enough for the railroad guards to ambush and arrest him.

The coach’s owner, Grayson Butterfield, enlists McElroy, Potter, Tucker (one of Hollander’s men), and Evans, who agrees for a $200 fee to deliver Wade for arrest. From Evans’ ranch, McElroy arranges a decoy wagon to distract Wade’s gang, now led by Charlie Prince. The real prisoner transport charts a course for Contention, where Wade will be put on the 3:10 afternoon train to Yuma Territorial Prison.

During the journey, Wade kills Tucker with a fork he stole from the ranch and later McElroy by throwing him off a cliff. William, Evans’ oldest son, who had been following the group all the way from the ranch, intercepts Wade. While taking a shortcut through a canyon, the group is attacked by Apaches. Wade kills the attackers and escapes to a Chinese laborer construction camp, where the foreman captures him. Evans, William, Potter and Butterfield appear and regain custody of their prisoner, but Potter is killed in the process. The group arrives in Contention hours before the train’s arrival time and check into a hotel, where several local marshalsjoin them. more on Wikipedia

3:10 to Yuma (2007) Watch Movie Online Detail:

Director: James Mangold
Writers: Halsted Welles (screenplay), Michael Brandt
Stars: Russell Crowe, Christian Bale, Ben Foster
Genres: Adventure, Crime, Drama


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