Bigfoot (2012) Full Movie Watch Online

Bigfoot (2012) Full Movie Watch Online

Bigfoot (2012) Free Movie

Bigfoot (2012) Overview:

When Bigfoot attacks an Alice Cooper concert, concert promoter Harley Henderson sets out to capture the beast – but hippie burnout Simon Quinn will do anything to protect the endangered species.

The Asylum is a strange, difficult beast to wrangle down; sure, the “mockbuster” purveyors will rarely be accused of putting forth much of an effort since their existence thrives on either recycling popular films to their own formula ad nauseum. However, the studio often has a reach that far exceeds its grasp since it attempts to make big budget spectacle on a shoestring sensibility, and the result is always cheap movies that look even cheaper because these guys aren’t content to just make a little monster movie. When combined with their blatant disregard for logic, tone, and general competency, this results in something like Bigfoot, a movie that’s sometimes impossibly bad, especially because it’s never quite that obvious just how aware it is of its own badness.

There are scant few creatures that speak louder or bigger to the American fascination with monster lore than the super-hairy, unkempt, woods-tromping, barefooted beast we all know and love.  No, I don’t mean me.  I’m talking about the one and only Sasquatch or as you common folk might refer to him, Bigfoot.OK, I admit there may possibly be a common hairy branch or two between our family trees, but that’s not the point!  The point is that the mystique and folklore that surround this mountain of a creature is without comparison in the United States.  There is no other mythical creature that comes close to this legend of Americana.

Bigfoot (2012) Detail:

Director: Bruce Davison
Writers: Brian Brinkman (screenplay), Micho Rutare
Stars: Danny Bonaduce, Barry Williams, Bruce Davison
Genres: Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi


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