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Broken (2016) Online Free Movie Watch

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Broken (2016) Overview:

A young female escapes her past and absconds to England in search of a new life. She takes a job caring for a tetraplegic, but burden of the job stirs up her past. It seems the limits of caring are not always as clear as they should be.

Shaun Robert Smith’s Broken is less of a horror and more of just a bleak drama…a very well acted, well directed and effective bleak drama, but one that needed a little more edge to it.

Smith works his incredibly low budget well, creating a depressing atmosphere with his use of lighting and camerawork as well as making sure the audience knows that every character in this small cast is, in one way or another,

The film centres around Evie (Morjana Alaoui), a French girl who has moved to England to begin a new life.

She finds herself caring for John (Mel Raido), a tetraplegic who is both a sympathetic yet slightly aggravating character but the stresses of this job begin to bring back painful memories of her abusive past.

Evie’s depression is added upon by Dougie (Producer, Craig Conway), John’s best friend and a despicably violent and threatening man.

Everything is slowly built up throughout the film, ending with a surprisingly shocking and appreciated finale.

The acting is certainly the standout element here.

Raido in particular gives an excellent performance making the audience go from rather liking John and feeling sorry for his situation to wishing he’d just be quiet for a second.

This is where the brutal honesty of this film comes in to play.

It is not afraid to show things exactly how they are which makes for some difficult to watch and very unsettling scenes but all that is to the film, and the director’s, credit.

Broken (2016) Detail:

Director: Shaun Robert Smith
Writers: Craig Conway, Shaun Robert Smith
Stars: Morjana Alaoui, Mel Raido, Craig Conway
Genres: Drama, Thriller


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