Burst Theory (2015) Online Free Movie Watch

Burst Theory (2015) Online Free Movie Watch

Burst Theory (2015) Free Movie

Burst Theory (2015) Overview:

A scientist at a remote facility questions the nature of a bird flu vaccine his team is studying when a colleague unexpectedly contracts the virus under suspicious circumstances. Soon, he discovers his worst nightmares are about to become reality – his life, and perhaps the lives of millions, are hanging by a thread. Hunting for the truth, he spirals into a grim conspiracy and is forced to question everything he once took for granted. Including his own sanity.

It is never easy when two families try to merge into one. This film is about a mom and her boys who, with her fiancée and his two children, go on a camping trip. Her boys have been there before with their father, but now their parents are divorced. The other family are city folks and unsure of the wilderness. Phil, the youngest boy, has many allergies.

While trying hard to blend the families, the older boys take them on an excursion that none of them will forget. Along the way all of them discover things they need to face and resolve such as forgiveness, the past, and becoming a family that helps one another. We are pleased to award this compelling drama our Dove Seal for ages 12 and over.

Burst Theory (2015) Detail:

Director: Zac Page
Writer: Zac Page
Stars: Joseph Scott Anthony, Lisa Mueller, Ralph Lister
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller


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