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Call of Heroes 2016 watch free movie online hdCall of Heroes (2016) Free Movie

Call of Heroes (2016) Overview:

During the warlords era in China, a village located in rural area called Pucheng fell into dangerous situation when its government allocated all its military force to the front line, the cruel commandant Cao from the enemy troops arrived the village and killed the innocent, the guardians of Pucheng were desperate to fight against Cao for justice and to protect their homeland.The one thing I hate the most in kungfu movies is the CGI-created landscape and all the impossible kungfu moves made possible by CGI. Special effects is the shite in martial arts films. Call of Heroes doesn’t do that and it is good old action stunt work and wire-fu. Sammo Hung’s action choreography here is excellent. There are two particular set-pieces, a fight on a bamboo-cage bridge and one on a mountain of clay urns, that are stand-outs. the film tells the story of a group of villagers standing up to a cruel young warlord.

Call of Heroes (2016) Details:

Director: Benny Chan
Stars: Louis Koo, Ching Wan Lau, Eddie Peng
Genres: Action

Call of Heroes (2016) Watch Free Movie

Call of Heroes (2016) Watch Free Movie

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