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Darkwave Edge of the Storm (2016) Movie Full Watch Online

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Darkwave Edge of the Storm Overview:

ne hundred years from now, Starlight crystals enable faster than light travel. But a terrible phenomenon called the DARKWAVE inexplicably damages the crystals, leaving millions stranded across the galaxy. Twenty years later and it is a desperate and frightening place ruled by an oppressive authority under martial law. On a distant planet, a young family is escaping capture in a stolen military truck. David, Sarah and their young son Ben, stumble across a burning outpost. Tired, hungry and risking capture, they are forced to stop and search for supplies, only to discover a live Starlight crystal – too dangerous even to touch. As they search for supplies, a deafening noise of an approaching ship forces them to race back to the truck and escape only to find their Son missing. As the ominous bird shaped fighter hovers over them, The Ministry’s reason for pursuing them is spectacularly revealed.

Edge of the Storm, as a singular story, is a little lacking when it comes to dialogue. It’s a tad clunky at times and some of the performers have a hard time reaching the emotional depth needed for audiences to really invest in this film or connect with the characters, which is always a trial in a short film. That being said, Cox is most definitely worthy of mention. Her character is easily the driving force of the movie, especially during her emotive scenes with her father (Shane Rimmer). This is another example of where more stories from this world would be welcome, exploring their past and relationship would be great.


Darkwave Edge of the Storm  Detail:

Director: Darren Scales
Writers: Dominic k Bright , Sue Morris
Stars: Nathalie Cox, Shane Rimmer, Robin Kirwan
Genres: Short, Sci-Fi


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