The Faith of Anna Waters (2016) Watch Free Movie Online HD

The Faith of Anna Waters 2016 watch free movie online hdThe Faith of Anna Waters (2016) Free Movie

The Faith of Anna Waters (2016) Overview:

When young and successful reporter Jamie finds out that her sister has died in mysterious circumstances, she travels to Singapore to uncover the truth. There, she discovers multiple deaths linked to her sister’s and must join forces with her sister’s husband in order to defeat a demonic entity that is using new technology to complete an ancient mission. American journalist Jamie Waters (Elizabeth Rice) travels to Singapore to investigate the mysterious suicide of her sister, Anna. However, her sister’s death is only the beginning of a sinister demonic plan. The film has been bought for distribution in France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines. In Mexico the film is scheduled to have a theatrical release on July 8, 2016. Despite scathing reviews of his latest movie, The Faith Of Anna Waters, Kelvin Tong remains nonchalant. He told The New Paper: “I’m so used to being slammed, so negative reviews don’t affect me any more.” Fangoria’s Michael Gingold: “It’s never clear, plotwise, what is supposed to be on offer in THE OFFERING, though anyone with any familiarity with occult flicks will find they’re being sold a very secondhand bill of goods.” The New York Times’ Andy Webster: “a muddled horror film, falls over itself incorporating as many genre elements as possible. The result is the cinematic equivalent of combining every paint color on a canvas: a murky mess.”

The Faith of Anna Waters (2016) Details:

Director: Kelvin Tong
Writer: Kelvin Tong
Stars: Matthew Settle, Elizabeth Rice, Pamelyn Chee
Genres: Drama, Horror, Mystery
Language: English

The Faith of Anna Waters (2016) Watch Free Movie

The Faith of Anna Waters (2016) Watch Free Movie

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