Get Smart (2008) Full Movie Watch Online

Get Smart (2008) Full Movie Watch Online

Get Smart (2008)  Free Movie

Get Smart (2008)Detail:

Director: Peter Segal
Writers: Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember
Stars: Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway, Alan Arkin
Genres: Action | Adventure | Comedy

Get Smart (2008)  Overview:

I was lucky enough to catch a screening of ‘Get Smart’ and absolutely loved it. I saw the movie in Manhattan and there’s nothing tougher than a New York audience, and the whole room was dying laughing throughout the film. I don’t know what church group these nay-sayers saw the film with, but it is hilarious.I got the chance to see this movie today,because it showed on an Army base. You can’t get a tougher crowd than a military crowd! The crowd absolutely loved it. There were SEVERAL scenes that the crowd clapped and really laughed out loud. Personally, I thought it was one of the funnier movies I have seen in a long time. I think it was very well done.The movie includes the cone of silence but, frankly, it was done much funnier in the series. There are brief scenes showing Hymie the robot, the red car, and the phone booth.


Maxwell “Max” Smart, an analyst for the top secret American intelligence agency, CONTROL, yearns to become a field agent like his idol, Agent 23. Despite top scores in the acceptance tests, Max is denied the promotion due to his higher value as an analyst. When CONTROL headquarters is attacked by the terrorist organization KAOS, almost all of CONTROL’s agents’ identities are exposed, leaving only Agent 99 as a viable field operative. Max is also promoted to field agent as Agent 86, but the experienced 99 is reluctant to partner with him because of his clumsiness.

The two infiltrate the mansion of KAOS’ chief bomb-maker, Ladislas Krstic, and trace nuclear material to a KAOS nuclear weapons factory disguised as a Moscow bakery. In the bakery, Max meets with KAOS boss Siegfried and his second-in-command, Shtarker, only to learn that a double-agent has compromised their identities. Max manages to escape and destroy the weapons factory, but he and 99 are confronted by a KAOS agent named Dalip; Max manages to persuade Dalip to spare their lives. The Chief sends 23 to observe the cleanup of the factory, but KAOS sneaks the weapons out through the Moskva River beforehand, leaving 23 convinced that only a bakery had been destroyed. Realizing that Max was alone during his key discoveries, CONTROL believes Max to be the double-agent. 99, who has been gradually falling in love with Max, is heartbroken but takes Max into custody.

Siegfried contacts the U.S. government and threatens to release nuclear weapon detonator codes to hostile countries unless he is paid a ransom of $200 billion. When his threats are not taken seriously, KAOS plans to detonate a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles. While Max is in a CONTROL holding cell, Dalip sends him a coded message via the radio show American Top 40 alerting him to Siegfried’s plan. Max escapes; arrives in Los Angeles to reunite with the Chief, 99, and 23; and convinces them that he is not the double-agent. When his Geiger counter-equipped watch picks up traces of radiation from 23, they realize 23 is the real double-agent.

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