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Gridiron UK 2016 watch free movie online hdGridiron UK (2016) Free Movie

Gridiron UK (2016) Overview:

Based on a true story in 1985. Derek is a dreamer and a loser. No matter how hard he tries he fails at everything he attempts. Determined to show the world he can succeed at something he forms an American Football team in a country dominated by Soccer, Rugby, Cricket and Fish & Chips. His desire to succeed consumes his life and he is blind to see that his success will lead to him losing everything. A stroke of luck brings an American to Crewe who becomes the head coach and things seriously take shape. Derek starts funding the team behind his wife’s back and slowly get’s himself into financial difficulties. Kym finds out and threatens to end the marriage unless Derek rectifies things.

Gridiron UK (2016) Details:

Director: Gary Delaney
Writers: Gary Delaney, David Soul (collaborating writer)
Stars: Michael Dixon, Andrew Harwood Mills, Dorsey Levens
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport

Gridiron UK (2016) Watch Free Movie

Gridiron UK (2016) Watch Free Movie

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