Haunting in Japan (2016) Free Online Movie Watch

Haunting in Japan (2016) Free Online Movie Watch

Haunting in Japan (2016) Free Movie

Haunting in Japan (2016) Overview:

In the middle of a white winter, a group of young men visits the countryside in Japan to shoot a music video. However, the house that they have rented is haunted by several ghosts. 

The story follows the familiar template of the Buppha Rahtree films, which dealt with the ghost of a vengeful heartbroken young woman haunting an apartment building, and mined comedy from the colorful procession of police, priests and shamans who are recruited to perform exorcisms.

Buppha Arigato changes things up by having the action take place in a rental lodge at a picturesque Japanese ski resort. And instead of one ghost, there are several. The most lethal is a knife-wielding mother and her creepy little boy, spirits of a family who stayed in the house years before but could not pay their rent.

Meanwhile, there’s a young Thai woman named Buppha who comes to the resort on a solo trip to mend her broken heart. Seems she caught her boyfriend having sex with another woman. Somehow, she has passed away but her soul is hanging on at the lodge, and is drawn to Charlie and his crew because Charlie looks a bit like her cheating ex.

The lodge’s shady landlord, a Thai expat portrayed by “Tar” Navin Yavapolkul, is aware of his property’s status as a haunted house, and he has various clergymen brought in to get rid of the bad spirits. Among the bumbling exorcists is a Thai Buddhist monk who is hung over after having too much beer and a sake bomb the night before. His saffron robe is accessorized by expensive sunglasses and a designer handbag, reflecting an actual controversy about a jet-setting monk in Thai religious society. Later, a Thai Hindu priest takes a crack at the spirits. Neither are successful at much except getting plenty of laughs.

Haunting in Japan (2016) Detail:

Director: Yuthlert Sippapak
Stars: Supassra Thanachat, Chaleumpol Tikumpornteerawong, Charlie Trairat
Genres: Comedy, Horror


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