Ned Kelly (2003) Full Online Movie Watch

Ned Kelly (2003) Full Online Movie Watch

Ned Kelly (2003) Detail:

Director: Gregor Jordan
Writers: Robert Drewe (novel), John Michael McDonagh
Stars: Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush
Genres: Action | Adventure | Biography | Crime | History | Romance | Western

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Ned Kelly (2003) Overview:

The film starts out with a young Ned Kelly rescuing a young boy from drowning. It then pans to the Australian bush with Ned talking about his father. He then awakens in the Australian outback and sees a white mare. He rides it into town, only to be arrested and subsequently imprisoned in 1871, for supposedly stealing the horse, even though it had actually been stolen by Wild Wright, Ned’s friend.

Two years later he is released and comes home to a warm welcome from his Catholic Irish family. The Kelly family are seemingly working to get ahead in life, by owning horses and farming. One night at a bar, a local Victoria Police Officer named Fitzpatrick, offers to buy Ned’s sister a drink.

After several attempts, Kate insists she doesn’t want one. Ned intervenes and hostilities ensue when fellow officers help Fitzpatrick. Getting back at Ned, the Victoria Police Officers confiscate the Kellys’ horses. Ned, his brother Dan and their friends Steve Hart, Joe Byrne, Aaron Sherrit and Wild Wright steal back their horses. One evening later, Fitzpatrick arrives at the Kelly house, while Ned is away, to visit Kate, only to be told that she doesn’t want to see him. Fitzpatrick tells them they have warrants for them, for horse stealing. A fight ensues and Fitzpatrick returns to the police office, telling the others that Ned Kelly shot him.


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