One Missed Call (2003) Watch Movie Online

One Missed Call (2003) Watch Movie Online

One Missed Call (2003) Detail:

Director: Takashi Miike
Writers: Yasushi Akimoto (novel), Minako Daira
Stars: Ko Shibasaki, Shin’ichi Tsutsumi, Kazue Fukiishi
Genres: Fantasy | Horror | Mystery

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One Missed Call (2003) Overview:

College student Yoko Okazaki receives a phone call accompanied by an eerie, unusual ringtone, which goes to voicemail. The call is from Yoko’s own number, dated two days to the future. Yoko and her friend Yumi Nakamura listen to the voicemail, hearing Yoko’s voice chatting casually, followed by a horrendous scream and then dead silence. Two days later, Yoko calls Yumi that night to discuss shopping plans. Yumi realizes that Yoko is on the exact routine as the voicemail they’d heard before, but can only hear Yoko screaming after she is violently dragged off onto a speeding commuter train, which kills her. Her head then vomits a red candy upon death as her detached hand, still clutching her phone, calls a number. Several days later, Yoko’s boyfriend, Kenji Kawai, reveals to Yumi that he had also received a voicemail accompanied by the same ringtone as Yoko’s right after her death. Yumi then watches as Kenji is pulled into an empty elevator shaft to his death. He also spits out a red candy and calls a number, like Yoko.

A colleague of Yumi’s, Natsumi Konishi, is staying at Yumi’s apartment when she receives the cursed voicemail, this time accompanied by a video showing Natsumi being haunted by a ghastly figure. Her attempt to discard the phone is futile as she keeps receiving the mails on other phones, and is taken for an exorcism. Desperate, Yumi meets with Hiroshi Yamashita, a detective who had investigated the curse. Yamashita reveals that his sister, Ritsuko, was a social care worker who had received the voicemail and eventually died from a house fire. Natsumi’s exorcism is a disaster and she is killed when her body horribly contorts. Yumi receives the cursed voicemail shortly after.


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