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Director: Paul McGuigan
Writer: David Bourla
Stars: Camilla Belle, Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans
Genres: Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller

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Like other governments, in 1945 the United States has set up a “Division” to secretly track, capture and experiment on people with psychic abilities, essentially starting a secret arms race for psychic abilities. For these purposes, The Division (and similar groups in other countries) classifies all psychics into one of twelve categories based on what they can do – see the future, move objects, mind-control other people, create illusions and so forth. Decades later two “Movers”, teenager Nick Gant and his father Jonah, are running from Agent Carver, a Division “Pusher”. Jonah tells Nick of a vision he received from a “Watcher” about a young girl he must help in the future in order to take down The Division. Jonah helps Nick escape just before Carver kills Jonah.

Ten years later, Nick is hiding in Hong Kong. Carver tests a powers boosting drug, which has killed all previous subjects, on a Pusher named Kira. The drug works, a major breakthrough for the US program, but Kira steals a syringe of the augmentation drug and escapes. Carver can not let the drug fall into the hands of other governments. Cassie Holmes, a 13-year-old Watcher, arrives at Nick’s apartment, explaining that they are going to find a mysterious case that will help them take down Division. The case is also sought by the Pop Family, a large Triad led by “Bleeder” Pop Father and joined by his two Bleeder sons and his Watcher daughter, Pop Girl.

Nick and Cassie follow her predictions to a nightclub, finding Nick’s friend Hook, a “Shifter”. He tells them to go to a “Sniff” named Emily, one of many Sniffs Carver and his right hand Mover, Victor, are trying to enlist to find Kira. With Emily’s help, Nick finds Kira, revealed to be Nick’s ex-girlfriend. Kira hid the syringe inside the case, then had a “Wiper” erase her memories to keep the Division Watchers off her trail. Nick recruits a “Shadow” named Pinky to “shade” Kira from psychic detection. Cassie finds a key in Kira’s shoe to a locker high in a skyscraper construction site that is shaded by a powerful Shadow that Kira hired before her wipe.

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