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Summer of Dreams 2016 watch free movie online hdSummer of Dreams (2016) Free Movie

Summer of Dreams (2016) Overview:

Washed up pop-star has to move back to her hometown and finds a new direction by teaching young music students at the local high-school. Romance is not far behind. Since 2011, Summer of Dreams has bridged the gap by providing critical resources for thousands of homeless students in Central Florida. Since the inception of the program, Summer of Dreams has served more than 6700 students. If you have been looking for a way to directly impact the lives of homeless children in Central Florida, this is the answer. We need your help to combat the effects of homelessness and encourage stability for these local families in need. In this moview the romance seemed very forced and the movie wasted its time focusing on that. It could have been a nice C plot to tie up at the very end. However, as they key plot of the moview it did not work. The most interesting relationship in this movie was between the sisters. One became a pop star and the other moved away to be a teacher and really was not proud of her. Also, it could have focused on her career plummet a litte more at the beginning. Finally, while her becoming a teacher is a nice plot device her becoming an effective educator and embracing that role probably would not have occurred between the 1st and 2nd day.

Summer of Dreams (2016) Details:

Directors: N/A
Stars: Deborah Gibson, Robert Gant
Genres: Drama

Summer of Dreams (2016) Watch Free Movie

Summer of Dreams (2016) Watch Free Movie

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