Walking Dead in the West (2016) Watch Free Movie Online HD

Walking Dead in the West 2016 watch free movie online hdWalking Dead in the West (2016) Free Movie

Walking Dead in the West (2016) Overview:

The Arizona Territory, the 1870’s. Marshal Frank Wilcox, along with a Buffalo Soldier from the U.S. Army, must galvanize a group of survivors to fight back when the living dead rise and seek the flesh of the living. It’s a world gone mad and a battle against the unthinkable. Joined by an Apache Chief and an outlaw prisoner, the group must learn how to survive in a time where the dead walk. A hidden collection of walkers – mainly friends and family of Hershel but also Carol’s missing daughter – is discovered in a barn and eventually released by an agitated Shane, who compels the group to eliminate the threat. Shortly thereafter, an encounter with a hostile group of survivors results in a shootout and the torture of a prisoner as they react to the new threat. Shane unilaterally decides to kill the prisoner without the group’s knowledge. Rick’s group learn the residents of Terminus engage in cannibalism, luring victims to them under the guise of protection. Carol uses walkers to attack Terminus, enabling the others to escape. Reunited, they soon encounter Gareth and a small band of Terminus survivors who attempt to terrorize and prey upon Rick’s group but are outmatched and killed. Abraham Ford and Rosita Espinosa continue their mission to get Eugene to Washington, D.C., joined by Glenn, Maggie and Tara. After facing a number of setbacks, Eugene admits that he fabricated the story about a cure in order to receive protection. Meanwhile, Daryl and Carol follow a marked car to Atlanta, where Beth has been held in a nearby hospital ruled by morally-compromised police officers. Carol is taken, and Daryl recruits the rest of his group to help. They capture several police officers to make a trade but a brief standoff ends in Beth’s death. Two months later, the community faces a food shortage when they meet Jesus, who invites them to trade with the Hilltop. Offering mercenary services in exchange for food and medicine, Rick leads a team to wipe out a nearby compound of the extortionist Saviors and executes a man claiming to be their leader, Negan. However, the Saviors remain a threat and seek to take prisoners as leverage against Alexandria. Extremist Carol is saved by pacifist Morgan when she flees to resolve her troubled conscience in death.

Walking Dead in the West (2016) Details:

Director: Paul Winters
Writers: Gahan Wilson, Paul Winters
Stars: Jarod Anderson, Greg Bronson, Kiera Crouch
Genres: Horror
Country: US 2016 Release

Walking Dead in the West (2016) Watch Free Movie

Walking Dead in the West (2016) Watch Free Movie

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