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What’s in the Darkness (2015) Overview:

In the summer of 1991, a rape case broke the peace of a small town. The fathers of two girls in the local middle school were the policemen in charge of the case. Nevertheless, they had very different working styles: QU’s father was a stubborn legal medical expert always insisting on ironclad evidence, while ZHANG’s father, a retired soldier, handled cases relying on his intuition and often extorted confessions through torture. The supposed criminal was caught by ZHANG’s father yet similar cases kept happening. Nobody noticed ZHANG’s disappearance since she was kicked out of class.

Jing’s coming-of-age unfolds against a culture of warped sexual contradictions in which sanitary napkins are brazenly hung out to dry in public courtyards, yet medical books on “hygiene” and “pregnancy” are the only source of sex education for teenagers. It’s the hypocrisy of this puritanical morality that Wang focuses on, with unsparing irony. A blind old man (Wang Zhengping, skin-crawling) whom Jing visits in the seniors’ home tries to molest her, masking his intentions with grandfatherly pleasantries. The police barge into a home to bust Jing’s classmates for watching a pirated porn video, but they make no bones about their own enthusiasm for the confiscated evidence.

Within that prudish environment, Wang also perceptively explores the family strains brought on by the first flush of puberty. On the one hand, Jing’s mom (Liu Dan) is oblivious to her transformation, and offers no emotional support. Her dad, on the other hand, sees only danger in her nascent femininity — whether it’s getting a perm or spreading her legs to ride on the backseat of his bike. When he catches her on a date, he angrily assumes the worst: “There is no innocent friendship between a man and a woman.” It’s no surprise that Jing’s perceptions of womanhood and romance are tainted by all this male aggression — symbolized by, but certainly not confined to, the sexual nature of the murders. This is precisely what the film is driving at: that pent-up desire becomes perverted and returns with a vengeance.

What’s in the Darkness (2015)Detail:

Director: Yichun Wang
Writer: Yichun Wang
Stars: Dan Liu, Xiaotong Su
Genres: Crime, Drama


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